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Brotes de la Retentiva

To Pepi,

my yaya,

and to all the women who, like her,

gave us dreams and freedom

Brotes de la Retentiva Exhibition. Perez de la Riva Cultural Center. Las Rozas de Madrid. From November 4 to December 5, 2022.

Recorded by Alejandro Yubero. Edited by Paula Dornan

When all that is left is the memory, a kind of emptiness comes with it.

This is a grief, one of the infinite ones that have existed and are yet to arise.
It is mine, the farewell to my childhood, my grandmother and everything I never wanted to let go.

The project arises as a way to face the transition from adolescence to adulthood.

As a result of noticing the distance of my childhood, the longing for the past and the impossibility of slowing down my life, I immersed myself in a stage of deep anguish due to the certainty of the passage of time and the fear of both the passing of my loved ones and the my own. Like a kind of “shock therapy” there came a moment of resignation and acceptance. Tired of living in fear of death and the passage of time, I decided to focus this anguish in the only way I know how, turning it into art.

       Brotes de la Retentiva tries is a portrait of the ephemeral through works of art made from organic matter, therefore, perishable. The initial objective was to focus on living and enjoying the process, believing that the work would degrade quickly, but I did not know that, later, I would discover that there is a way to fix these sheets and make them durable.

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